by Beverly Harry

In 2017, through some amazing solidarity, Reno Women’s March organizers began to plan what issues to address through the March. It was important to speak about stronger advocacy for Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Through our resistance to patriarchy, colonialism, and racism, our sisters ignited solutions to many environmental and climate justice issues here in the Great Basin. We led the path to a greater diversity of voices. Then, bringing fire back from Standing Rock, the contentious Water is Life movement demanded justice for the Dakota Access Pipeline (NODAPL).

Today, that movement continues to fight across the valleys and mountains of the Great Basin, knowing our ancestors tied their connections to protecting the lands against mining and exploitive industries. Other issues raised by women’s voices across the Great Basin include universal healthcare, strengthening democracy, and marching for human rights.

Native people bring a torch to the Great Basin as we step into the waters of resistance with our Earth sisters. We bring a torch to the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), reproductive justice and Honoring our Earth. Let’s stand in solidarity.

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) has produced a video on Justice for our Sisters and Honoring the Earth. It will be screened for the public on January 23, 2021.

You can see the video here.